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I'd be bored out of my mind. BY JOANNA BERAY INGCO

"Painting is passe"

MONDAY.  OCTOBER 17, 2011. 3:29 PM

…they would groan at school.  Is that so?  Then why, when I look at a Chuck Close piece, do I feel like all my wild ideas are useless and just plain crazy in comparison to the mind-jarring, awe inspiring exactness his hyperrealist hand delivers?  Not to undercut myself, but when I think about how much we all try to bring something new and exciting to the table,  it’s comforting to realize that taking a step back with something so seemingly archaic and flaccid as portraiture carries great potential for newness.

I love Chuck Close.  This makes me want to make portraits all day, sipping Arizona Green Tea from a plastic waffle cone cup with a straw, in my Canadian Tuxedo.   But I digress.  In this day and age, questionable; though, I would like some simplicity in life.  Don’t you?


Big Self-Portrait, 1967-68.  

Acrylic on canvas.  107 1/2 x 83 1/2 ”  (273 cm x 212 cm).  Walker Art Center, Minneapolis.

Close and my all-time favorite (for those of you that know.  I mean, really know how I feel about all those Moneyball billboards).  

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